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A new group is organizing an effort to incorporate southwest Escambia County into a new Town or City called Perdido.
We Are Perdido announced at the Escambia County Legislative Delegation meeting that the group was organizing an effort to incorporate the Perdido Key area.

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Should we Incorporate Southwest Escambia County (Perdido Key Area) and create the City/Town of Perdido ?

346 submissions
With approximately 60% of the land in the region designated for both federal and state parks, the area is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and environmentalists of all kinds. Locals in the Perdido Key area are drawn to it for its peaceful and quiet flavor, as well as the low crime and poverty ratings.


To become its own city, the Florida Legislature would need to conduct a feasibility study. If it passes the House and Senate then it goes to the governor to sign. After that, it would go to a referendum where the voters will decide if they want to form a new city.

We Are Perdido wants more representation beyond just one county commissioner.  They want a better way to address local concerns like more law enforcement, another fire station, and improving street safety. They say they’re not necessarily advocating for incorporation right now but they are leading the education effort.


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